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The fact that the U.S. and NATO vigorously support a pro-Nazi Ukrainian regime gives credence to the belief among many experts that NATO is in fact building a Fourth Reich that seeks global domination... It makes me remember the man in the high castle: I fear that uchronic books do nothing but anticipate the "world to be".

What hands are we in because of a corporal before, and a pianist with his pea outside after!

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Zelensky has outlived his usefulness, they're running out of Ukrainians to throw into the fire.

The fact that Zelensky is shooting his mouth off at the G7 after the US "gave" him $137 billion in war funding is very telling.

He knows he's a dead man walking, he also knows he can't negotiate peace with Putin or he'll stop breathing 24 hours after he announces it.

It's very obvious the Russians have baited NATO into not only draining it's own resources, but also showing their poker hand to the world.

Watch for the Biden Deep State to escalate this to open war, they know if peace is declared and a negotiated settlement reached then the failure of NATO will boomerang right back to the EU and US administrations.

The public will want an accounting of where all that money went to lose a war and they will lose elections when they come up, something the Deep State cannot allow.

Hence, enter Taiwan and another hot spot that the US wants to flare up.

They want to antagonize the Chinese into making the first move so they can again pull the same kind of stunts they did in Ukraine.

The G7 governments are headed towards open totalitarianism because they know their days are numbered.

Their citizens see clearly that none of these governments represent their citizens, only their own elite class interests.

Look for harsh repression to rear it's ugly head in the near future in all G7 countries, their political elites have everything to lose and they won't relinquish one bit of their control.

Why do you think they fear DJT so much when he tells everyone he can make peace with Russia in 24 hours?

PS: Look at the degeneration of the UN, the WHO and other international bodies.

A UN committee wants to normalize pedophilia! and have openly stated this goal and made such statements, they want totalitarian control of the world through the WHO, when they declare a fake health emergency and can override any nation's sovereignty (ie invasion) in the name of international safety.

Most of all these criminals need to prop up their failing central bank/fait currency system.

All of this is known if you want a snapshot of what laid the groundwork for the Deep State's panic look at this video(up to you whether you believe it or not).

The Great Awakening: Bonfire Guy


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I think that Zelensky imagine himself the most important person in the world. It's funny, because he is just an evil comedian, but it is very sad, because he continue pushing his people to the useless war.

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Yes, as always the people suffer because of a few maniacs. An anagram of Volodymyr Zelenskyy is 'demon slyly Vyky zero'. I don't find him funny but demonic certainly.


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Hello from the UK

Many thanks for your article. I particularly like the meme at the start which sums things up nicely.

The Vatican connection is useful. I have noted that 'vaccination' is an anagram of 'Icon Vatican' for example.

As regards Fourth Reich I say that that has been building since WW2. The Nazis did not go away after WW2 of course.

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