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The same model of persecution of journalists are starting to take effect outside of the EU.

Journalist Matt Taibbi and some of his colleagues who worked with him on the TwitterFiles campaign were being harassed by US authorities in the same way though not as severely.

The only reason why he and others like him aren't in jail right now is because of the relatively stronger First Amendment protections in the US which doesn't exist in the EU.

Here in Canada we have done exactly the opposite, the Trudeau government passed bill C-11, allowing official government monitoring and censorship of social media and "oversight" of the internet to determine what is allowable speech and content. Trudeau and his government are part of the same NATO gang working overtime to kill all dissent and all discussion of topics which are critical of those in power including the Ukraine conflict, there are no dissenting opinions seen in the mainstream media here and none will be published or aired.

We also went the route Germany went against Lipp, in a massive scale against not only journalists but ordinary citizens in 2022.

Shortly after the Canadian trucker convoy reached Ottawa in Feb. 2022, Trudeau fled the capital out of fear.

This was a humiliation he couldn't live down, so him and his pals devised their revenge, the Emergencies Act, which was used to deal with dissent the government didn't like and to send a clear message to Canadians, don't mess with us, don't protest, don't say anything contrary to government policies.

One of the provisions of the Act was the confiscation of all legal donations to the truckers as well as their other assets, the second was the freezing of the bank accounts of not only the truckers directly involved but ALL donors who gave over $20 to the truckers.

Due to a government hack on one of the donation companies, a list of donors was made public and shortly thereafter when the Emergencies Act was declared, many citizens found their accounts frozen without notice, without due process.

This story of government harassment against Lipp was played over thousands of times in Canada by it's government adopting very similar tactics against any dissenters or those who would raise inconvenient and embarrassing questions about those in power.

People need to wake up to the fact that Western governments have essentially turned on their citizens and are now openly imposing totalitarianism on their citizens. In Canada, Trudeau doesn't even bother to hide his corruption any longer(8-10 major scandals and ethics violations and counting) and is openly silencing any kind of dissent which questions his rule.

1984 is alive and well in the West, too bad many people are fooling themselves into believing the world went back to normal after the pandemic.

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I have been following her channel on telegram for a while now and frequently share her content on FB and other telegram channels. Thank you for covering her story. I have my son studying in Germany. As a 23 yr old these kind of stories have no place in their lives. They are simple oblivious to the alternative that the government is hiding in plain sight. The similarities to the Nazi regimes start are so similar. Persecute those who tell the story that could cause the government a problem. The DOJ is the keeper of the lies of the government in The US. Whitney Webb's book One nation under blackmail, details this out in the intel communities and the connections to criminal organizations, gun smuggling, and money laundering, all with political ties and many with judicial ties. The sad truth is the world is run by petty thief's stealing the taxpayers money with the lies they tell.

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Thank you for your excellent research and the great article, John! I never heard about Alina Lipp before. I admire her courage to expose the truth about Ukrainian war crimes to western people.

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