We need to start testing anyone in positions of power for psychopathy.

We have the science to test for this personality disorder.

After all, we wouldn't allow a schizophrenic in those positions because they hallucinate. We shouldn't allow psychopaths because they cannot do affective empathy.

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Thanks for the deep research, John! You found a wonderful quote, it's just a gem! The path to a happy and prosperous future for America can be found by studying its great past!

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The US, my entire lifetime and long before, has been under totalitarian control. Whether it is exercised as a soft version, in which hard rules are relaxed, or the hard version, when the brass knuckles are brandished and used, only depends on the degree of class struggle the totalitarians are facing. But the totalitarians, whoever they actually are, are always completely in control. Right now there is a big push by these rulers to exert much tighter control and hence, they are baring their teeth and snarling because they want to intimidate any who resist.

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